Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Don't touch the switch!

The question for today is who changes all the settings on everything overnight?
I have started listening to the radio again. I didn't when married to David who was slightly deaf and found the constant mumble in the background very trying.
Now on my own I have radios in most rooms and switch them on as I go....
However several times recently I have found that pressing the on / off switch results in some unexpected sounds.
There's only me in the house mostly....but sometimes the sound is either too loud or hardly discernable!
Sometimes they are tuned to radio Cornwall, Radio 1, 2 or 3! I am tuned to radio 4 with occasional visits to Classic FM.
I obviously have a disembodied spirit hanging around. It's not David, he only ever listened to Classic.....with his hearing aids turned up!
It is a bit of a mystery....if it happens after a visit from my cleaner I can blame her dusting but it happens much more frequently than that....
I can't blame the dog or the cat...they have both gone aloft in the last maybe a previous incumbent of this house is around. ........
Or maybe I'm just a balmy old woman who does it in passing with out noticing.....
Answers on a postcard please!


  1. Hmmm I think it must be one of mine who needed a holiday from switching my TV on and off. My remote control has the habit of de-selecting my chosen channel and trying to educate me with something on a channel I would never have chosen,
    When irritated, I attempt to change it back it turns the TV off completely.
    Miffed, I walk into the kitchen to make a sulky cup of tea only to hear the thing burst into life again.
    Not spooks, I believe, but technology getting its own back.

  2. I'm never sure about whether my mind is playing tricks on me when this sort of thing happens. I'm not sure about disembodied spirits, too scary to contemplate - but I'm not scientist or sceptic enough to discount them totally.

    Come out, come out, whoever you are? :)