Saturday, 27 December 2014


St Thomas yesterday was truly we go to Dominica.
I am looking forward to this but I have a cold...and so it appears has everyone else!
Last week the boat was full but sneeze free. Now we are all suffering to some degree....
The West Indian cricketer I knew in my youth had told me more than once that the Caribbean was paradise and it is but its history is grim...the way slaves were shipped over from Africa like cattle with no regard for human life is still a disgrace.
What was worse was their treatment when they got here...
Paradise it seems is built on blood.
Taking my cold onto the streets of this paradise may I think be a step too far today ....we shall see!

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  1. Sounds a wonderful place to be. [*] for your cold and a swift recovery.

    As for slave ownership. During the course of family research I discovered that one of my maternal great grand parents, many times up the chain, owned and farmed with Slaves in Jamaica.

    AS you may imagine, it's not something to boast about, but to wonder how he could have acted in this way? To own another person is both unnatural and totally unethical and cruel.

    Trying not to think about the consequences for those he owned. :(