Friday, 5 December 2014

Problems up a telegraph pole!


Well......after a week of frustration with BT and waiting in twice for am engineer to arrive one finally knocked on my door this morning.

He is a pleasant young man who took no time in telling me I had a fault. Various tests revealed it was a fault on the telegraph post a few yards away!

The only problem with that he said is that it has a red sticker on it so he couldn't climb it!

The red sticker means it's condemned! Typical! It's not the only one.

He has now gone off to get more info! Deep sigh.....

Already from what I've seen him doing there was not even the remotest possibility that I could have done any of it myself .

,Lunch time.

A second van has arrived with a hoist...looking out of the window I see a man high in the clouds...the cars skirt around the van parked in the road whilst another man conducts traffic!

He tells me they have found the's too soon to cheer but hope springs eternal etc!


Done. It's fixed I'm told. Oddly it was the broadband I missed most...what you can do with a mobile is very limited!

The feeling of relief is wonderful...I seem to be far. Thank you God!

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  1. Cautious Hurrays Jean. I was going to say keep your fingers crossed but ...perhaps not. :)