Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Weather woes!

The weather forecast for the next few days is not good. On my BBC weather app it has had a severe weather warning banner for a couple of days.....

Wind, gales heavy rain are all quite normal for this part of the world...I should now be used to beIng blown over as I get from the house to the car but I'm not!

Last year the appalling weather happened side by side with my husbands illness....every day we had to travel to the hospital we had first to check if the ferry was running, how the roads were and the number of disruptions on a daily basis were astonishing!

In the village the bank door was blown in and the cash machine filled with sea water!

Travelling daily to the nursing home was often hazardous.

On the day my husband died both of the flag poles used in the village to fly flags at half mast were snapped in two and carried out to sea!

And now a year on we are told it may all be happening again...a weather bomb!

It looks much worse for the rest of the country but I am dreading another onslaught especially as I am travelling next week...

Surely there can be no one left who thinks that global warming is an urban myth!

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