Saturday, 10 January 2015


We made very good time on the journey home. The roads were quiet and peaceful which gives me a clue that travelling in the winter is much to be preferred!

I hope I haven't passed the Cunard cough onto the young taxi driver....I have coughed a lot since reaching home...

Waiting for me were cards, lots of messages, lots of love...

I know that when I do throw this bug off I will remember the trip with great pleasure. I have photos, of most of the happy places we visited and the lovely people. I remember one or two slightly tense words exchanged about our Christian faith in the melting pot of nationalities and creeds.

I am hoping the sweet Cornish air will get into my lungs and sort out the need to cough soon!

Early Sunday morning.

Thank goodness for getting back to my own bed! I have slept well for the first time for a week. This should help the healing process though the cough persists!

Last evening the best moment came when I realised that the light has started to return! Before I went away it was going dark at four in the afternoon. There was a definite diffiference yesterday!



  1. Welcome home- and prayers for your cough. I know how annoying they can be! I had one for 3 weeks before Christmas, and upset the organist by refusing to sing the collects at Evensong, I insisted on saying them as my voice wouldn't have held out. Will redeem myself with him this evening. :)

  2. Thank you....I hope your singing goes well....nothing worse than a squeaky collect!

  3. I would suggest gargling with salt, but you probably have a reasonable brandy to hand - which might do more good. And you're home, which is all to the good with necessary comforts.

    As for singing, I'm waiting for the Vicar to suggest that I lead an Evensong, she'shad me preaching twice now and our next Ministry Team meeting for Feb & Mar is this Friday evening. I come away each time with new things to do - and I love it. Our Curate is to lead his first Evensong next Sunday - he's just arrived back from Australia last night and turned up for the 8am looking like a badger. Hope he gets over his jet lag by mid-week communion on Thursday :)