Friday, 23 January 2015

People collecting!

Cruising is a strange business when you consider that it's not just places you are visiting, it's people too!
Over the years I've met a lot of people that I really liked. Many of them are still in touch. Some still read my blog occasionally...
The last trip was not typical in that there were three different legs of the journey and the people changed in New York twice!
On the first transatlantic crossing we had a lovely group of people at dinner which I enjoyed a lot!
As we got closer to the end our waiter gave me a package wrapped in Christmas paper bearing the message. "Not to be opened till Christmas Day! "
It was from someone who had only been with us for one meal!
I never saw her again but the little package contained a beautiful bracelet of pearls with a cross.
I was staggered and very touched by this gift from a stranger! She disembarked in New York without my ever being able to say thank you!
This morning I got an email from her!
Once again I am staggered!
She is now in Canada but says she'll be in touch at some time in the future!
Cruising is an odd business.
I have emails from several of the people I met on board...the variety of human kind is wonderful!
Viva la difference !

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  1. Lovely way of building a circle of long distance friends.