Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Remembering is important.

Yesterday was set aside to remember those people who died and suffered in the Nazi camps during the last war. I am reminded of the day in Rochdale when many of us walked out one fine Saturday morning to protest against the growing National Front threat.
We had had Pakistani children roughed up on their way to school. The entire teaching staff decided to turn out to walk to a local park.
I found myself walking next to a very old woman, walking with difficulty.
I offered her my arm and we walked a couple of miles to where speakers were addressing us.
As we walked the old lady talked to me. She had been in a concentration camp. She showed me the number tattooed on her arm.
She was walking to protest against the growing racism. "This is how it starts." She said.
It is important to remember those who died I think so I was pleased to find this small poster published by the Church of England.

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