Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Save our pharmacy!

I went down to the village today to sign a petition. On the whole I'm not big on signing petitions....I am far from certain they actually have an effect.
Today was different though....it was to try to save our local pharmacy!
We have a small cluster of shops here in St Mawes. Apart from the shops catering mostly for the holiday makers we have a good Co-op, a post office, a butchers, two small banks , a coffee shop and two pubs!
The chemists is an essential part of the village.
Local doctors have their own pharmacy but it is in the next village, a twenty minute drive away.
For the old and infirm the pharmacy is a essential ingredient of village life. Many of them may no longer own a car or the means of getting into Truro.
Walking to the village for their papers and medicine is an important part of many people's lives.
During David's last illness the chemist would bring the medication to the house if I couldn't get out for it.
Why the decision to stop NHS funding to this shop was made is a total mystery.
There is a public meeting early in February...
Whilst I was in the shop this morning at least six other people came in to sign the petition.
It's been a few years now since I joined in an activist movement but this could change....
It might be time to dust off my walking shoes and strengthen my banner carrying arm!
I might even enjoy it!
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