Monday, 9 February 2015

An invitation to a test?

After the blog last week about unwanted phone calls I have now had another on my mobile which was a bit worrying.
A young man who knew my name told me in official sounding language that he had been asked to invite me to have my hearing tested. He sounded as if this was a routine request.
I told him that I had had it tested in the last two years and it was fine.
He persisted. How long ago was that exactly? He sounded aggrieved.
"I am fine" I told him. "Nothing wrong with my hearing."
"You really should go when you have been invited" he said firmly.
I repeated that I was fine.
"But you have worked in factories during your life"
I laughed.
"In factories?" My tone clearly showed that I'd never worked in a factory at all! The phone went dead.
This call was on my mobile. I didn't like the tone of the was almost as though I was being bullied into going for a hearing test. As I had no trouble hearing the young man's instructions it should have been fairly obvious that I didn't really need a test.
If this is another scam, in the hope that people will respond to a semi official voice then it's very worrying....people may well think this was an official check up. Because I had accompanied my husband whilst he went for hearing tests I knew the drill. And also how very expensive his aids were...
Yet another ramp?

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