Saturday, 21 February 2015

Baby birds already!

In between moving furniture around yet again to try to get rid of the pleating on the new rug I have had time to stop and stare.
Mostly from exhaustion.
However one of my questions from this week has now been answered.
On Wednesday I found a tiny birds egg lying on the grass near the house. I tried to find a nest to return it to but failed. It was already cold so I resisted the maternal instinct to bring it in and try to hatch it!
During the last two days in between shifting furniture around the room I have looked out of the window and seen that the nest belongs to blue tits and it's very visible from my upstairs sitting room!
They are very busy now dashing backwards and forwards feeding the babies.
I have a grandstand view over the whole proceedings!
It seems a bit early to me but yes it really is Spring!

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  1. I do hope your baby blue tits are due to Cornwall's climate being kinder than in the rest of the UK.
    We have had a dreadfully cold wet windy day today, teeth-chatteringly cold wind and non-stop rain. Baby birds would not last long in this.
    To make matters worse, I looked out mid afternoon to see a huge Sparrowhawk tearing at the remains of what looked like a collared dove.
    An hour later he was still there and the garden was full of tiny white feathers as he finished his grisly meal.
    I know Sparrowhawks are birds too, and I know it's completely irrational but I really hate them.
    Sometimes it feels as though i am feeding the birds so that they are nice and fat for their predators.
    Baby birds have even more than weather to fear.

    1. Yesterday was stormy and so is today and I fear that there's little movement in the nest right now! I have looked on the ground where I found the egg and there are no bodies visible...but I think they might not survive.....
      I hope not to see a sparrow hawk hovering. Yours sounds a vicious bird but the survival of the fittest is still apparent I'm afraid!