Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Back in time!

The Time Hop app on my iPad goes back for five years and shows me the photographs I took on this day as well as my blog and my posts on Facebook and Twitter.
This gives me a fascinating picture of my past life. It reminds me of things forgotten. Right now in this part of the year David and I were invariably travelling.
I look forward to seeing it most mornings though the entries for last year always make me weep!
Further along though we are travelling the Pacific , calling in to Samoan islands, enjoying the sun and the exotic fruit hanging from the trees by the side of the road!
Crossing the Atlantic and the Pacific , spending time in New Zealand and on to Australia..it's all there and I am very aware that we chose to be absent from this country during the worst of the winter!
So this year I am appreciating the wonderful advent of Spring in all its glory.
Baby birds apart I have flowers out everywhere, snowdrops, crocus , hellebore are all showing the wonderful side of renewal and growth.
Tiny green shoots are bursting out of withered looking old stems.
Things that looked very dead just last week are greening up before my eyes.
The cyclical nature of our lives has never been more apparent.
It's a pity that humans can't regenerate but of course the human off spring do it for the old. Photographs of David's great grandchildren have arrived and now have pride of place on the mantelpiece.
They are thriving and just as beautiful as the renewing life in the garden. Gods in His heaven now in Cornwall...and I pray He is apparent in every other place in the world!

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