Saturday, 7 February 2015

Nuisance calls...again.

My phones been ringing a lot this week. I've lost count of just how many but several a day have been attempts at selling. These often start with the words "This is not a sales call."
Some start with the words that they can see from their records that I have yet to claim for....a variety of things.
The inference is always that there is money waiting for me some where. All I have to do is talk to the nice person to get it!
It's even happening on my mobile now.
The bank insurance thing must be approaching its end surely?
Another one is to ask about the accident I suffered recently. I haven't had an accident.
Another one is offering me an almost free holiday somewhere exotic. No thank you!
There are people wanting to speak to David. These are the hardest to cope with...the news of his death does not seem to put them off at all.
So I have instituted a new policy. I will not answer the phone if there's no number at all. Any "private caller" should be aware of that!
I will not answer phone calls from abroad.
I will not answer the phone if it's got too many zeros at the front.
There is an answer machine attached so anyone desperate to get in touch can do so by leaving a message.
Yours grumpy of Tunbridge Wells.

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  1. They are a pain If I answer 'I say hang on a minute 'and walk away forever. Theyy are paying for the calls not me

  2. I am so fed up with nuisance phone calls from offshore call centres at all hours of the day and night, the gov says they can do nothing because the call centres are I have started a petition on the govs partition page, suggesting they should pass a law so that they can fine any UK registered companies prohibitively if they use foreign call centres for nuisance calls. Without UK companies using their services, foreign based nuisance calls should quickly disappear. I need just five people's support to get the petition published .....copy and paste this link to sign the petition:…/spons…/d7xaHtRPFuLaNaGAHUH5

    My petition is: To stop UK reg companies making offshore nuisance calls.
    Millions suffer from daily unsolicited phone calls from obviously foreign call centres, the government says the centres are beyond their area of control, however they can control and heavily fine UK registered companies that use these nightmare call centres to spread psychological misery in the UK

    Once it is published on the gov's petitions page, it needs 100,000 supporters to get questions asked in parliament, so it's all in your hands....over to you!