Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Veiled women!

I have just read an account of the way sharia law is being implemented in Raqqa in Syria.
First it's frightening and then it has made me angry.
When the first wave of immigrants from Pakistan arrived in our schools the girls were very loosely veiled. Usually a pretty scarf was pulled over the lips when a male was present.
We persuaded them that in school the scarfs should be worn around the neck and not to cover the face.
I now remember those pretty girls giggling and pulling their scarves up and down depending on who was present.
There was no question of wearing the black shrouds they are now required to wear.
In Syria a woman in labour was refused in hospital until she returned in full dress of three separate layers. Her eyes also had be hidden by wearing a double layer!
The penalty for breaking these rules are fines of money and lashes on the bottom of the feet!
Women have to be accompanied by a mahram, a male keeper.
There are few female doctors or teachers but as one man said, how would you know when it's impossible to recognise anyone? He had lost his wife in a crowd and had to shout her name to find her.
I cannot imagine the mind set that determines how a woman should be treated by her nearest and dearest let alone those in authority over her.
In the end though I have sufficient faith in my sisters to hope that ultimately it will be the female of the species that brings about its downfall....
Sooner rather than later God willing.

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  1. We have women here in Bedforshire in full Muslim dress wandering round everything hidden from view except the mobile phone and the car! They certain are not accompanied but then they could be male. No way to tell. Best avoided.