Monday, 16 March 2015

Air from Siberia!

I was cold all day yesterday. It was entirely my own fault! We had relaxed last weekend and had been enjoying the sun in reasonable temperatures but this weekend it has gone back to winter!
The culprit was of course the east wind!
I should have remembered the devastation caused by the east wind....I have lived in Essex after all! There the icy air blowing in from the Siberian steppes could freeze anything in its path.
Here though it is Spring....well it was last week anyway!
Delicate tiny buds were opening...I'm not sure they still are!
The Cornish have an expression for this weather..they call it a black easterly because all the exposed foliage turns black.
Fortunately it's a fairly rare event!
Up here where there is always a bit of a breeze it felt like stepping out into a fridge and I'm not used to that any more!
As the day progressed extra clothes were piled on starting with the eight o'clock service...
The house was wonderfully warm to come home to...but not warm enough!
At one stage I filled hot water bottles and wrapped my self up in a duvet!
Lunch out was freezing...
The afternoon walk was not a leisurely procession...I dashed around trying to get the metabolism working....
By evening I had got warm again... Several layers and a strong drink finally did the trick.
The whole day was spent back in the winter...but dressed for Spring...
That'll teach me!

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  1. Here in Aylesbury it was bitterly cold also. There was no heating on in church and as it is Lent we were not wearing 'whites' over our choir robes. Exchanging 'the peace' was an exercise in trying not to snap off each other's fingers
    When I got back from church I foolishly tried to cut back some brambles in the front garden and got frozen to the marrow in the East wind.
    Had to get up in the night to take paracetamol to relieve stomach cramps.
    Damp and drizzly today but much less cold. Deo Gracias.

  2. Yes it was cold, but I argue that the cold wasn't coming from Siberia.

    My sat nav says that the Northerly was coming from Cape Wrath, to express some divine displeasure at the way we're treating the poor and vulnerable in our society.

    Well, at least it's a theory :)