Saturday, 7 March 2015

Dangerous TV.

In the last year I have radically changed my viewing habits on the TV. Without the restraint of sharing I have dipped into several things I have never watched before and mostly never will again.
The series on now led by Bear Grylls who I regret to say had totally escaped my attention previously has me hooked.
It's on on Friday evenings and I started watching because I had seen some of it previously on the cruise I took at Christmas.
The producer of the show was one of the lecturers during the last transatlantic crossing.
Dale Templar had started her own company in order to film this extraordinary programme.
She showed us how it was captured with cameras on high wires over rushing rivers...and introduced us to the brave young men who hooked them up high on wires over the jungle.
The participants are followed as they learn how to survive in the jungle of Costa Rica. And the camera crews are with them all the way, putting themselves in as much danger as the celebrities very often.
It is rather like an episode of Big Brother but with one huge difference.
The audience get no vote. Every week someone gets sent home with the words, "I don't think you would survive" spoken by Bear Grylls.
All of the participants are brave and determined to finish the course but the real star of this show is undoubtedly Dale.
Without her and her crew this programme would convey nothing of the danger and the very real sense of battling the elements in a way that is filmed by a young woman determined to share the dangers faced and the astounding courage of the participants.
I pray they all get home safely!

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