Thursday, 19 March 2015

Driving safely?

I set off yesterday to visit an old friend. Then I ground to a halt!

The last time my car was badly injured it was not my fault! Something had driven into it whilst I was in church!

Yesterday was my fault! That simple statement does not cover the regret, the acceptance that I have to take much more care than I did yesterday. I have relaxed mostly...I am not driving far it's true but I do hop around this part of Cornwall without any apparent angst! But maybe I've relaxed too much!

This is only a scratch but it's a good one! I caught the offside turning left around a rough stone wall, a manoeuvre I've done hundreds of I am at a loss to know how it happened...unless someone moved the wall!

It's what to do next though that is mainly exercising my mind!

David scratched his car fairly regularly...and after an initial curse it never seemed to bother him. He waited until several scratches accumulated before booking it in to be fixed...he would ring the body shop to arrange for it to go in for its annual summer holiday every year!

We live in a place where there are narrow roads where ever you go....scratches are a fact of life but this one was definitely my fault! A momentary lapse which I very much regret!

Shall I wait until there are another couple....or save my embarrassment by getting it fixed straight away?

Either way there's no getting around this....I have to stay alert...specially behind the wheel!

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