Friday, 20 March 2015

Gas as a weapon of war!

Yesterday I was sent the news that the Syrian airforce had used chemical weapons in an area where children were in school.

We had pictures of children choking and being given oxygen masks to help them breath.

To wage war by using gas is quite simply horrific and evidence of a government now bankrupt of any sort of morality.

My grandad was gassed in the First World War . The effect of this stayed with him for the whole of his life.

During the Second war all us children were given our very own gas masks, the threat was considered so great. When ever I left the house and then when I started school I had to take my gas mask with me. Failure to have the mask meant I had to go and find it.

My grandad was particularly ferocious when I grumbled about have to carry it with me everywhere. His tales of the gas getting into the trenches and men dying and choking were meant to frighten me into always carrying it with me.

As a fairly naughty child I did sometimes "forget" and got told off regularly but it was only when I saw the suffering of my grandad as he approached death that I really understood what the fuss was all about.

His gassing hadn't killed him but had left him with an appallingly bad chest which gave him breathing problems for the whole of his adult life and finally killed him.

To find it being used a hundred years later and in a war against a particular group of people including children is simply heart breaking!

A no fly zone is being suggested....sooner rather than later please God.


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