Saturday, 7 March 2015

Gentle Jesus?

When my babies were small I sang Gentle Jesus to them every night by their bedside.
The gentleness of Jesus was what was important then.
In today's gospel reading though we see a different Jesus, an angry Jesus walking through the crowds by the temple over turning stalls and driving out the vendors of doves!
This would make the headlines if it happened today!
What it shows though is His humanity...
At other places in the gospels we are given glimpses into a human reaction to events in His life.
Jesus wept! He loved. He got angry! He ate and drank!
In the path to the cross it is no longer our gentle Jesus who strides through Jerusalem. It is one who sees the future.
It was important to show that Jesus, born of a woman had a human body, with human reactions and human emotions.
Otherwise His death would make no sense!
Today is the third Sunday of's getting serious!

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  1. The reaction to men or women of power can be quite disturbing. Jesus showed his power when going into the temple and venting anger and temper - yes temper on those who were profaning the holy place, his Fathers house.

    The wonder is that he was allowed to do it without immediate retribution - but he had a further two years of ministry to work through, when his prophecy of the Temple of his body being raised in three days was to be fulfilled.

    But he exercised his power in servanthood to his fellow man, only for them to turn on him, when he didn't meet their expectations of a Messiah - and he gave so much, and we now have the fruit of it. Just a shame about the mess we're making of it.