Tuesday, 24 March 2015

I password!

Once again I have fallen foul of the dreaded password curse!

When I started all this computer stuff I only had one password. I used It for everything. I was told that this was not a good idea so I changed it for some things....and there lay my downfall!

iTunes is a particularly black spot. Three times and your out! The dreaded words come up "You have failed to put in the correct password three times. You must now change it"

I do this then write it down. My dairies are full of changed passwords.

Google is good enough to tell me that I changed the current one back in January! This hint often gets me moving in the right direction....

I know the password system is to protect us and I am grateful for that but on my iPad I have an online banking app which asks for numbers. I have never got that wrong. Which is strange given my aversion to anything mathematical!

I know there are apps which are supposed to get the right word for you easily but I have never tried one of these...knowing how my brain works means I am reluctant to trust a bit of technology with arcane secrets!

The whole thing gets complicated by those communications saying that an account will be closed unless I give them all my details again as a security measure! I am savvy enough not to fall for that one but I have now got accounts on which I've changed the password so many times that I have to search through several,"safe" places before I find the right one.

The idea of storing them on my iPhone or iPad is attractive but ultimately dangerous!

I suppose it's the price we pay for the convenience of shopping or banking or blogging from home!

So be it!


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