Thursday, 5 March 2015

No remorse ?

Following yesterday's blog about the gangs of men preying on young girls I went on to read the interviews of the men who had raped and killed a girl on a bus in India.
The man who said that if a woman was raped she should not fight back but allow it and then she wouldn't be killed showed no remorse but also a totally callous attitude to what he and his friends had done.
They blamed the girl for being out with a man in the evening as though that negated her right to be safe on the streets.
The worst thing though was the statement by one of the men  that her life had had no value.
This was also said by a man who had raped a small child, "Her life had no value" so I have to assume that this is part of the caste system where those at the bottom of the pile belong to an inferior group of people.
In this country we have been aware of the inequalities inherent in this system for many years but I have believed until recently that much of these tribal beliefs had been lessened.
As someone who spent years doing yoga, loving the mystical nature of the Hindi religion it has come as a terrible shock to find that anyone can say of another person that their life had no value!
The Christian belief that we are equal in the sight of God has never been more important.
That we love each other, that we care for each other in need , that we pray for each other, these are the values rejected by some other faith systems.
I am proud to espouse a religion where each person has value, where we are all precious in the sight of God even with our imperfections and where to love each is enshrined in out faith. Amen.

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  1. Even here in this country you can feel the inequality Pakistan men particularly will push women aside , allow doors to shut in your face. and I even had one man ask me among others to give up my seat on a crowded bus for him You can imagine all the responses he got. They also demand the right to be with their own women in women only changing rooms in the hospital.