Monday, 9 March 2015

Singing again!

Yesterday I visited a church a little way away. I was told there were some new people there whom I'd never met and during the week one of them rang me up to ask if she and her husband could chose the hymns. He was going to play the keyboard!
I said yes of course and during the week I was given the numbers of the hymns...they were all fine!
For the last year my voice has been very iffy! It had a renaissance once and I think I may have blogged something similar then...but it went again for the very next service.
I have always had a reasonable voice but lately it is been a cross between a bull frog and a factory hooter whenever I tried to sing properly. Otherwise a tiny croak might have been heard! There have even been times when I've mimed the words!
The clear voice had started to come back a bit but lacked conviction I'm afraid...till yesterday!
The new young woman stood in the front pew!
She has a truly wonderful voice and sang with great conviction. I joined in and by the last hymn I was singing properly again, with my whole heart and voice!
Alleluia! Hopefully now I know it's still there I won't lose it again...
I just need a really strong voice to lead me in.....and I can sing with confidence knowing that even if I do croak no one else can hear it!
Travelling a little way out of my comfort zone proved a blessing yesterday!
I hope it was a blessing for the congregation too!

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  1. Well done Jean. Welcome to the 'recycled voice' brigade. Once a singer always a singer.
    I honestly think it's easier to sing out with a full voice than to timidly ease one's way into music.
    I never practise these days and sing only at Friday evening's choir practise and in the actual service, but as soon as I open my mouth with conviction the voice is there ready for use.
    Lovely to still have the opportunity to use one of God's greatest gifts.

  2. I too have re-found a voice that's been neglected for many years. Even in my last parish, my singing was so-so most of the time. But here, with an excellent musical director and good choir - you are just encouraged by others to sing to your best voice.

    I'm sure that there is more to come, and I know that in my second year of training I'm going to be leading Evensong - and the challenge of the sung leads is something I'm actually looking forward to,rather than dreading.

    It's amazing what God can do with a voice that's desperate to be raised in praise of him. Years ago, I used to be confident to sing ballads and other songs in company, sometimes alone, sometimes with others - that confidence went out of the window in the eighties -and has thank God, been revived. :)