Sunday, 1 March 2015

St David's Day!

I have that most unusual thing....a free Sunday! And it's St David's day! I've listened to the service from St David's in Pembrokeshire, I've sung "Land of my father's " very loudly as approved by my Welsh grandparents and I've been out to pluck a daffodil to wear when I go out!
Usually on Sunday I am rushing around, checking the stole and the sermon are with me...regretting the choice of hymns and knowing that I have to jump on a lot of boxes when I get's recycling tomorrow around seven am!
Today is a haven of peace by comparison, coloured by the knowledge that on the last recycling day they failed to take my bottles! This means there's a months worth of bottles to go out a certain amount of embarrassment will be evident!
A good friend is coming to help and then we'll go out to lunch!
She's not Welsh.
The sun is's a truly beautiful morning so a stroll along a beach beckons...if I have enough energy after jumping on all those boxes!
I've walked the garden in brilliant sunshine, the great fat buds on all the trees are swelling nicely...all is well at Tregear Vean....
So another round of the Welsh anthem. And off we go!

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  1. Happy Dewi Sant Jean. Lacking the warmth for early daffodils here, I went to church this morning with 3 Marie Curie tiny yellow daffs in my button-hole, yellow on purple looked quite good.
    I have failed to sing the National Anthem (the Welsh one that is) and
    have only managed a muttered Happy Dewi Sant under my breath.
    Perhaps I should pick up Ivan Llewellyn Pendragon and Little Rhodri, my two dragons and dance them round the Close. Or, perhaps not :-)