Friday, 27 March 2015

The election campaign has started!

I can usually find no problem in not getting involved in politics.
When I was very young , a teenager no less I was the secretary of my local ward Labour Party. I cared about who would be elected and ran some elections where being in the count before I was old enough to vote was very exciting!
Since those heady days it's been downhill all the way....
At college I took part in a sort of survey by joining both main parties in a mining town. My dissertation scored very high marks..mostly I suspect for sheer cheek!
Politics have always interested me but seldom excited me. Even General elections which do claim my attention if not my involvement have been slightly damp squibs lately compared to the passion of my youth.
This time I am interested. Having been married to two arch Tories I have learned to contain much of my interest...but on the night of the last general election David and stayed up until the early hours and shared some pleasure at the thought of a coilition.
This time I am aware of a quickening interest! Yesterday's attempts to rig the system to spike what is usually a cut and dried vote to keep the speaker in place was a wonderful start to the next weeks of showed the Conservatives behaving in a stereo typical way that we may have suspected but yesterday was confirmed .
I watched the first program with Jeremy Paxman last night. I suspect I will watch many more. My interest has been triggered...I'm not sure who  I am going to vote for,  just who I'm not going to vote for!


  1. My vote if firmly Green. More socialist than the blairite labour party these days. Having been raised in a Daily Mirror reading household that used to be ingrained. Until I joined the Army and Labour promptly made cuts and some of my friends redundant.

    I became a Tory overnight and remained one until they Kicked out Maggie. After which I refrained until TB arrived on the scene - what a let down he turned out to be.

    So, I moved a bit further left and when I left the Army, I formally joined the Greens and have stayed ever since.

    If you want a socialist party - check their polices, you might be pleasantly surprised.

  2. I too vote green these days. My political ideals are 'somewhere to the left of Lenin'. My common sense informs me that no such party exists or ever will. So the Greens are a compromise but at least do more good than harm.
    The area I live in is solidly Tory and I have been told many times by Labour supporters that I waste my vote.
    I on the other hand, since I cannot influence results in my area, can at least vote as my conscience dictates.
    Good luck Jean.

  3. Chaps I too have voted green in the past. When there is proportional representation it makes complete sense....
    I swore never to vote Lib Dem after Nick Clegs complete failure over tuition fees.... But in the past we have had excellent Liberal I know it's definately possible.....
    i am listening to all the voices right now...we shall see!