Wednesday, 25 March 2015


I have spent a week tidying my office! It's taken a long time because it's been years since its last major clean up.

In the process I have found old sermons, old service sheets and old thank you cards....

Some of them I have kept but a great weight of paper has gone to the incinerator. And here lies today's problem.....I now can't find things!

I put to one side last years Christmas cards which never got onto the mantle piece last year! I have had them in a neat pile since arriving home.

So today I am visiting an old friend who has moved....but her address is on the card....which now I can't find at all!

As she's not on the Internet this could be a bit of a problem!

Tidying up always ends with me losing things in the process! The reverse is also true though...I find things lost years ago...

One small triumph yesterday amazed me. A visitor arrived to talk about his father's funeral. To both of our amazement I was able to produce the service sheet that we used for his wife's funeral at least ten years ago! He wanted it to be exactly the same and couldn't remember the hymns or who did what! Thanks to my tidying we can! It will be easy now to have what they both had planned! Thank you God.

Being untidy has always been one of my problems...and its a bit late in life to try to change but I've made a start this week!

Now all I have to do is find those Christmas cards.......


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  1. It does sound as if you do have a problem. I have one like it, but am determined to scan every important document and to store them on a removable drive. I have made a start, but it will take some time - there are loads of them :(

    I always believe that I'm putting stuff somewhere safe, if only I catalouged each in a book that would be helpful. But than I'd have to keep the book in a safe place,,,,,,,,