Friday, 6 March 2015

Women's world Day of Prayer!

I have fond memories of the Women's Day of Prayer moments. The first sermon I ever preached about ten years ago was at one of these gatherings. I was very nervous but all went well in the lovely church in St Issy where the front row of the church filled up with nuns who clapped when I'd finished...that's the bit I remember I'm afraid...I can't think which country we were concentrating on.
Since then there have been lots more...usually great fun even though we concentrate on the underprivileged and suffering . This year it's the women of the Caribbean we are praying for!
Having spent Christmas this year in the Caribbean I am fully engaged in this subject!
I can not claim to have seen any evidence of economic suffering...Cunard would keep us well away from anything of that sort but that doesn't mean there are none.
All the women I met fulfilled the stereotype of laughing happy women selling me banana iced drinks, rum punches and beautiful batik pouches...
However I did bring some lovely artefacts back with me that are going with me...particularly the gourd filled with seeds that you shake to produce the rhythmic beat in any musical endeavour!
That will be my contribution mostly...apart from my prayers...
Rock on sisters!

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  1. Having now actually looked at the service sheet I see that it's the women of the Bahamas that we are remembering....and no I havnt been there!

  2. This is the first time I have missed WWDOP for a number of years, no one would thank me for going along full of cold. Apart from not having the energy to go I would hate anyone else to feel like DH and I do.

  3. I took part last year for the first time ever. This year the service clashed with a dental appointment.

    Hope that all went well and that you shook your Gourd :)