Saturday, 4 April 2015

A day of transition.

Easter Saturday is always difficult. Poised between grief and joy, the churches year is somehow at a halt for a day....

For the had working priest it can be a very welcome rest day..spent in trying to make the Easter sermon both relevant and inspiring.

This year for me I have had a quiet Holy Week. Even the Maunday Thursday funeral was fairly low key .

Having stupidly acquired a very sore tongue at the beginning of the week I have concentrated on being able to speak!

Every morning on waking I test this ability. My tongue has a blister that gives a slightly thick edge to the voice but it is there!

I should have seen either a dentist or doctor when all this became problematic but I didn't, believing it would sort itself out by this time.... so now I have to get through this holiday weekend until everyone goes back to work on Tuesday .

I am doing the eight o'clock on Easter Sunday where the usual congregation more than doubles in size..

After that we are booked in to a good hotel for Easter Sunday then my biggest problem is not being able to speak coherently but my inability to eat!

I have relied on soup for the whole I may have to have two bowls of soup instead of the traditional lamb roast!

In the larger scheme of things my problems are minuscule but finding ways around them are filling my transition day...moving from Good Friday to Easter Sunday has seldom been more problematic!

Please no one give me chocolate!



  1. Glad you were able to have a restful Saturday- and I pray that your tongue will soon begin to heal.
    I've spent the day doing Easter Home Communions and a rehearsal for tonight's Easter Vigil- and then I've and 8am and 11.15am service tomorrow. Love it all. Joyous Easter to you

    1. And to you too! I remember Easters like that, especially the one when I looked down and found Jeremy Paxman in my congregation!
      Couldn't do it now!

  2. Sounds like a day of potato and onion soup :(

    Prayers for coping and not too much discomfort.