Wednesday, 1 April 2015

April Fool?

April fools day bring a mixed reaction from me! Last year it was the day I finally got up enough courage to drive into Truro! I have only been once since!

Once the children grew up and left home...not necessarily in that order I was left unmoved by this date! I have no idea how it started unless as pagan joy at the returning of Spring but it has left me with some extraordinary memories.

The best or the worst Aoril Fools day depending on your point of view was my first day of term in a very big comprehensive school in Essex.

The newish headmaster made an announcement during morning assembly about having fun...making the most of our opportunities , never missing a chance to spread some happiness!

Oh dear.

As a new teacher I had been given my timetable on arrival complete with a map of the building.

Walking along the corridor I found my first class room with the children already in...waiting.

It was a big class! Gazing around I wondered how on earth the regular teacher coped....they were jumping with excitement and arms were waving in the air to get my attention. I introduced myself to a fairly rowdy mob before another teacher arrived to claim her class. Two or more classes had all squeezed into the one room. Roars of laughter ensued as one class was removed.

This state of affairs continued through the morning...classes with first years mixed with sixth formers appeared. Pranks were played on each other as well as me! During the break worms had been dug up to sit on my desk....

Oh what jolly fun we all had....spreading a little happiness had never gone down so well!

My first day there was one I shall always remember. There was an actual riot during the lunch break where windows were smashed , lockers over turned and bands of wandering minstrels strolled the corridors.

I was fortunately on supply....I finished the month out and left, never more to return.

I doubt if the head ever made any other April Fools Day announcements but I was not hanging around to find out!

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