Thursday, 2 April 2015

Maundy Thursday pains.

Eating a banana is quite painful if you have a blister on your tongue!

I realised this morning that I had to eat something solid if I was going to be able to be able to function today!

The blister lies to one side of my tongue and grew when I tried to dislodge the pork crackling eaten on Sunday!

So this is a problem that's been with me for days. I've lived on milky drinks, home made soups and scotch!

The uncomfortable lump of pig is now much reduced but the blister is not!

I knew I was going to miss the Maundy Thursday service when I agreed to take a funeral this afternoon but it is the most beautiful confirmation of priesthood and I have always loved it!

Now I am experimenting with ways of killing some of the pain when I speak!

I am not doing a sermon or the eulogy but some speech is essential....and I am aware that I sound different!

Today's problems paled into insignificance though when I got a communication from Facebook! They have republished a photo I posted five years ago. It shows David helping to erect the cross on the quay.

Bless him he was always the mover and shaker and had custody of the nuts and bolts for the job! We always processed, carrying the cross from the church on Good Friday. I didn't do it last year and I doubt if I'll do it this year! But I did look at the photograph without shedding a tear so some progress has been.

The rest of this week is always could it be any other as we follow the cross to Calvary.

This year there are added extras I could do without!


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