Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Poldark .

I have put off writing about the new Poldark until it's approaching its end. I am enjoying it!

I enjoyed the first version too....and somewhere in this house have all the paperbacks written by Winston Graham on this topic!

When the first series was aired I had never been to Cornwall...but I was soon a regular visitor here every summer holidays with my children in a variety of tents.

The new version shows the Cornish scenery in all its glory and that is the star of the show for many even with the shirtless star in competition! It is of course the north coast and I live on the much gentler South coast. But the rugged coast line is much the same as the one we see people riding or marching along!

Listening now to the litany of Cornish names I realise that I know many people with those names. The wonderful marriage and Christening registers are full of them....

I regret to say that I don't often meet young men wandering around without shirts. But the nearest beach has its fair share!

The story is a good one, the characters ring true....and there's going to be a second series...

I look forward to it whilst I look for the books.


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  1. You'll get no argument here Jean. I too remember the first series and in some ways preferred it, but this is very good too.
    Since I am by ancestry 7 eighths Welsh and 1 Cornish, I feel a faint connection though my surname was not one of the Tre, Pol or Pen names for which the Duchy is famous.
    The scenery is fabulously beautiful of course and is half the appeal of this series I think.
    I hope you find your books.