Friday, 10 April 2015

Skirting the problem!

After another week of not eating much I am reminded this morning that I am still shrinking!

I have looked in vain for a skirt that would take me to the funeral this morning that isn't actually hitting the ground as I walk!

Last year I did not go rushing off to buy new skirts when I first realised the problem! I had always thought it a temporary thing...once I started eating my skirts would fit me again. But they don't! I've spent the best years of my life being over weight so this mornings revelation that fat people don't get Dementia as much as other people should have reassured me. But it didn't!

Although I am now fully able to eat since my blister got fixed the sad thing is that I still feel over faced by a great pile of food on a plate. My appetite has shrunk whilst my skirts havnt!

So now seems to be the time to do something about it!

A quick look at skirts in my favourite shops leaves me anxious...I already have more than enough clothes in my wardrobe to carry me into the next millennium! Buying more feels like an indulgence too far! It presumes I'm not ready to pop my clogs , an old Lancashire expression for dying!

Having now changed my skirt three times though I realise that something has to be done....

But it can't be done in time for today's service!

I'm not actually presiding over this one or it wouldn't be a problem. The black cassock covers a multitude of odd gear! It's the funeral of an old no clerical attire will be needed...

So off I go early! Once sitting in my pew the skirt lengths are irrelevant. Problem solved!


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