Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Tourists in the village!

In my upside down house I see all sorts of vehicles going past! My sitting room is a wonderful viewing point as is my bedroom. So I don't miss much. Tractors, heavy digging machines, cattle carriers they are all toing and froing nicely!

This morning sitting up in bed I have seen a double decker bus go past and at least two coaches. The latter two are empty.

We have arrived at the time of year when huge coaches deposit their load at one of the hotels in the village and pick them up again in the morning to be transported to another place. They are all old and most of them seem to be female.

Touring this country by bus is now big business but I think I would want more than one night before being collected and moved on....

Locally we are always glad to see them. We depend on our tourists here...and they are enthusiastic spenders...

Another source of tourists are from small cruise ships landing in Falmouth. These get fewer every year but they organise small coaches to bring them out to the church in St Just and are mostly Americans. I used to often go down to meet and greet but our wonderful team of helpers do most of that now!

So the churches are busy. The midweek communion I'm doing this morning may have its ranks swelled by the odd tourist and we always make them welcome!

Our busiest season here is midsummer when the children are on holiday but the season has started now...and we are all glad to see it! Especially if they come to church!



  1. We shall be enjoying 10 days as tourists down in your neck of the woods- well we are staying in Devon but plan to pass border control to visit Cornwall on more than one occasion over the next two weeks

    1. I am a long way down from Devon but please get in touch if you are in the area!

  2. I am a bus tourist I love it. I am going with a friend in Septmber on a tour of Scotland , a place I love its so beautiful even in the rain and joy of joys this time going to Iona that should be inspirational