Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Before you vote.....

Before you vote remember these things,

Tony Blair took us into all out war in Iraq. The Labour Party let him.

Nick Clegg abandoned his election pledges in order to become Deputy Prime Minister in just one day.

The Conservatives have presided over the return of poverty and food banks during their five years in office.

UKIP is a party based on hatred and fear.

What does that leave us with?

The Green Party ....campaigning for the entire planet!

Difficult decision?

Of course this is going to be a wasted vote.... But a small revolution has to start somewhere and if the numbers cast all over the country add up to a huge number of people who care about our environment and oppose fracking then it could be worth it!

If nothing else it might just show the elected government that we care about this planets well being. For me it's worth a try!




  1. Welcome to the Green Club. Have voted this way since the 2nd Gulf War. Your warnings are apt and timely.

  2. From the chaos that is
    U.S. Elections, you go girl!

    1. Thank you...I got to the polling booth before eight am....I may have been the first!

  3. I did the opposite Jean. Made a start on my Thursday household chores then 'respectabled' myself and walked round the corner to vote.
    I national election - green, of course
    2 Town election - put folded paper into the box with nothing on it. The choice was UKIP or Lib Dem.
    3 District election - nine candidates one cross labour.
    I hate wasting votes but the alternative is unthinkable.

  4. There are no local elections here so I was saved from this decision!

  5. >UKIP is a party based on hatred and fear.

    Not quite how I'd sum it up. What they had to say had resonance but the more negative aspects were what the media focussed upon.