Saturday, 9 May 2015

Brave new world!

Having stayed up till the early hours yesterday I followed the subsequent events with interest and some concern. Then I fell asleep!

Waking a couple of hours later I remembered the events of election night......and decided it had all been a night mare...the Libdems could not possibly have lost all those seats..., the SNP obviously hadn't cancelled out the entire Scottish Labour Party!

And then I woke up wasn't a nightmare. It had actually happened!

Help! .I was almost swearing off scotch for ever but it was true...we still had the nightmare scenario....Gove, Osbourne, Cameron...still in power, but now untrammelled by the Liberals....Definitely enough to turn a woman to drink...

Now, Saturday morning it's still bad but it's no longer a's more a time for thinking forward, to try to travel in hope!

We remember other parliaments where the margin for getting legislation through was very slender...old, sick people being wheeled through lobbies on stretchers...

I think we can assume that any really drastic moves by the Conservatives will finally make the other parties work together!

This morning is no longer nightmare's the dawn of a new era...and I think we can trust the opposition to save the NHS but it means working together....the Labour Party will need to stop throwing bricks at the Scots...the often repeated statement that there will be no coilition with them , was I believe one of the reasons for their failure...

It's time to clear the air, learn to work together and get on with it! Please God!


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