Saturday, 30 May 2015

Three in one.

Years ago when I was a worship leader I realised that I was being asked to take the service for Trinity Sunday fairly frequently.
I mentioned this to our incumbent who grinned at me.
"I was brought up by my father who was a Methodist minister ." He said, 'I find it very difficult to explain!"
I told him that my own beliefs had been forged by grandparents who took me to their Welsh Baptist Chapel and then to the nearest church when I lived with my parents which just happened to be a Unitarian one.
The Church of England only took over my religious thinking late in my teens after another house move took us to a new housing estate.
The concept of the Trinity , one God, three in one is difficult to explain for those of us whose early upbringing was non conformist! God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. One entity. The first two are easy to explain but where I often get gasps from a congregation is when I refer to the Holy Spirit as She! A balanced triumvirate seems a very reasonable concept to me and to many senior theologians but it doesn't help with the main problem....
Over the years I have used lots off different pictorial images to try to illustrate this idea but my favourite is from a picture seen so long ago now that I am unable to remember the artist!
It is of three figures standing glowing with light. Each light illuminates the other two to make one glorious image.
"Let we who the spirit lights bring light to others." One of my favourite sentences from the communion services. I shall be using it this morning.
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