Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Wind strikes again!

Yesterday I tried to get out of my house twice. Both times I got pushed over! The wind here has always been a feature....after we had bought this house we were told its nickname was "Windy ridge"
I have never failed to actually get out before though!
The wind must have just been channeling along in the very worst position. Its either that or I have become even more feeble than I thought!
An admirable app for BBC weather reveals the state of play with the weather on an hourly basis...by afternoon there were gusts of fifty miles an hour.... This is definitely enough to throw me over....
This morning I have checked both the BBC version and of course have taken my own forecast. I have looked out of the window....
It is blowing.......
It's not as bad as yesterday.....I might be able to get out safely if only to pick up garden furniture, put out in the spirit of joy and hope that the first good day of the year brought last week!
I hope to be able to get up the garden too......the fruit trees were in glorious flower before yesterday. I expect to find what has now become the usual demolition.
I live here by choice and love it but occasionally I do wonder if I am doing the right thing.....
Staying indoors for a day is now feasible lacking a dog to walk or a cat or a husband....
What ever the day brings I am becoming fatalistic.....I can cope.......God willing.


  1. I have now been out! Everything is still standing out there. Part of the garden is carpeted in pink from the flowering cherry. The benches are turned over but all seems well....I have yet to check the tiles on the roof!

  2. The storm seems to have abated but I had to resort to a walkiing stick to help me prop myself up against the wind