Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A celebration?

This time last year I celebrated my attaining another year on my own in Madeira....a quick look at the Timehop app shows me sitting by the pool with a glass of Sangria....
Today I've woken up to a sunny morning in Cornwall...
The word "celebrating " does not really express how I feel! I don't want to be another year older any more...I am not celebrating....just giving it a begrudging nod!
A good friend arrived last night with a bottle of Strawberry Pimms....a new drink I hadn't known to exist until yesterday! It tasted OK!
Today I am being taken out to lunch by some of my family....which is very kind of them but my heart isn't really in it...Yet!
When I was young getting to another landmark really was something to be glad about....now it just reminds me of time passing inexorably, inevitably towards the final chapters....
I'm not as gloomy as I may sound...my wart has gone from my face to be replaced by the dreaded word carcinoma . Now every small spot, every tiny bump under the skin represents a new fear....and I will cope with whatever life throws at me I know two people who have survived skin cancer and I intend to join their ranks. Except that would mean doing all this again next year...
The life force is still strong in me.....there are things to do, places to visit, friends to make.
A Tennessee Ernie Ford song is playing through my head....."another year older and deeper in debt! "
Thankfully I am only in debt to the kind ones, the friends and family who are tugging me into the next year of my life.... Thanks to you all and God too!

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  1. A year older, but a year kinder in my view. You have been through so much in the past few years, many of us would be a gibbering wreck. You inspire me daily, so keep up the good work.

    Prayers for you continue.