Saturday, 20 June 2015

Clothes to go!

When David and I got married he told me there was a golden rule in his house. If you bought any item of clothing you had to throw one out....

I just laughed. It sounded like a good idea but obviously wasn't! Well not for me anyway.

This week has seen Princess Anne wearing an out fit she has had for about 30 years....which has prompted a discussion on the subject hoard or not to hoard!

I have always thrown lots of stuff away during a house move and I've moved a lot of times.

I have contributed decent clothes to a nearly new shop to assuage my guit at the amount of stuff acquired for special occasions, like cruising or walking or going to church!

But I still have far too much stuff!

The main reason I've parted with much loved apparel has been my changing shape. At my fatter times I have had to buy new skirts and dresses in order to get into them. When I've shrunk a little the relief on chucking out oversized pants etc has been wonderful...

Here we have a second hand shop to raise money for charity. It opens every summer and makes a huge amount of money. Last year I sent much of Davids wardrobe there with some lip biting and angst.

This year I will part with some of mine....

Looking back over the years there are special items I remember with nostalgia and regret that they have gone but the bottom line here is that of course I have far too many clothes but there's nobody here to see them so mostly they will stay....I am not yet ready to shed my assorted items, summer, winter, posh, scruffy, gardening or evening wear... Sorry Lord!


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