Monday, 15 June 2015

Cream tea joy!

Life is slowly returning to what has become normal....a good friend took me out yesterday for tea, complete with instruction on putting the jam on the scone before the cream! This is a controversial topic here so suffice it to say I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was definatelybetter than the previously planned trip to the hospital!
But the outing also proved cathartic.
The people owning and running the farm based tea shop turned out to be old friends....people I haven't seen since I married David and started running the parish...
This encounter was the exact anti dote to meeting the old friend last week who had aged so scarily....the lady running the shop used to come to the church I was priested in. She had dropped ten years. She was confident and pretty, served us with tea in a delightful garden and chatted about old times with her children... She was also obviously very happy to see me as I was to see her!
Her daughter and son were always integral to my children's services when I was a worship leader....Week by week they grew in confidence and were a pleasure to have in church.
The sun shone, the scones straight from the Aga were wonderfully buttery! We looked at the newly born piglets , the pretty summer house in the flower filled garden and life was good again. We sat in the sunshine talking and laughing and recollecting. The sun was warm on my face and there was no pain....or fear or grief....
Thank you God!

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  1. Having posted the above my very tatty dressing dropped off! I tried to include a pic with this post but it proved impossible for my small brain so it's on the next page!