Saturday, 13 June 2015

Help needed

It obviously serves me right for thinking the worst to be over....but tonight I am in a new phase....the stitches are coming undone....

This has caused the nylon cord to move into my eye. Mostly I can pull it out but each time it gets a little longer so there's more of it to inhabit the space between the eye ball and the eye lid. In fact there is now a string showing...

If I was a braver woman I would try to cut it off but me, scissors and hand so close to the eye is not giving me any confidence.

It's just as well I not working this weekend...

I have to get through that and go and have my stitches out on Monday evening.....

I've cast my mind over friends with medical experience but the only one close at hand is ten years older than me!

I dare not drive like this...and really it could be worse I know...


I got five hours sleep . I am in pain and the eye is watering continuously. If I keep it closed its not too I'm back to only having one eye....and it's the bad one...I am typing with one eye covered by my hand....

Today is my churches open day! Everyone I know is busy....

For the very first time I feel alone..I'm not of course....I have the phone and the Internet...but I have no idea who to call...

Driving is impossible....I either have to scream for help or hang on for three days...Typical that this has happened on a Saturday!

Sorry to all for this miserable post!


  1. I don't know how to help you Jean, but there must be someone you can call. This should not be ignored.
    Are there paramedics on call 999 or other in Cornwall. Or ring the 'out of hours' surgery number for your local GP.
    Please don't wait till Monday. X

    1. I rang the church warden who was a doctor . He is on his way....

    2. Good. Well done. Prayers and blessings X

  2. So glad you have found someone you can ring- sounded very worrying

  3. Home again now after a trip to the hospital!
    Our lovely church warden who is a retired doctor took control, drove me to out patients and the nurse rang the consultant! He duly arrived, took out all the stitches..gave me good news all round and I'm home. Still a little shakey but Ok....phew,

  4. Praise be for helpful friends and good NHS staff. [*] for you.