Tuesday, 9 June 2015

No man is an island.

Once again this morning I am glad to be an old woman...the world I grew up in has changed....and that is a good thing....change happens. It couldn't be any other way....to return to the pastoral period of History where nothing much happens over a hundred years is neither possible or desirable....most of the changes over the last seventy five years are good news...I am not complaining about change....it is inevitable and necessary.

I just don't much like the world I now live in. This mornings news is not particularly bad...but a quick look at the headlines reveals yet another bank in trouble.....the banks that used to be almost synonymous with good house keeping, prudence and safety are now cheating their way through this brave new century....

Bending the rules, actually acting illegally they seem to have lost any sense of honour with the result that many have lost jobs and many more are likely to do so.

Put the banks next to all the cases of child assault in the past, the rise of militant Muslm groups, the refugees seeking safety all round the world and the growth of food banks to combat poverty in this country and its a miserable picture of the sort of change I am growing to fear.

One headline from this mornings Guardian said that IS holds slave auctions where young girls can be sold for as little as a packet of cigarettes .

Dear Lord what sort of a world is replacing the one I grew up in where hope for change was the norm as was the assumption that any change would always be for the better.

My personal circumstances are wonderfully comfortable compared to many...but no man is an island and the truth of that statement has never been more relevant than in this moment of time....

We are all related, all involved, this is the world we have all created....

I am glad that I'm not to be around for too long . I fear for future generations!

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  1. Your fears and anxieties about the world and our loss of innocence seems to me to be shared by many. While I'm not looking ahead (That's God's Job) I can't see things getting better any time soon.

    All we can do is to hope and trust in God and pray and pray for some sort of sanity to be restored. Surely, people must get tired of killing for a living - unless they are totally without humanity, and that is something to despair over.