Thursday, 18 June 2015

Second childhood?

Now for something completely different!

Last week I turned the heating off. When it turned colder this week I turned it back on again but apart from heating the water it didn't come on!

After my trials and tribulations last year getting the system working again this bothered me....and I mentioned it to a visitor who said cheerfully. "It's probably too warm...have you not got a room thermometer?

Well no. We have two barometers in the house but no thermometer. So I googled them, sent for one and it arrived promptly the following day!

It needed to be charged . It's an electronic thermometer about five inches high which doubles as a night light!

After I charged it I took it upstairs with me where it glowed various colours through the night. Whe it's cold it glows blue! This changes to green, then orange to bright pink.

Every time I looked at it last night it made me laugh! It's so far from any other thermometer I've ever seen that its ridiculous . But it makes me laugh! I don't know's clearly designed more for a child than an adult but that's OK . I always knew I was a big girls blouse...but now It looks as if I'm also descending into second childhood.... be it




  1. But Has it made any difference to the behaviour of the radiators?

    Or is it just to amuse you?

    1. No the radiators have stayed off now but as the thermometer shows 22 going up as high as 25 it's no wonder the heating decided against it!

  2. You must have a thermostat set to a given temperature, before the boiler will kick in. It's worth finding out where it is to adjust it, in case you want the heating on on coldish summer mornings or evenings.

    Ours is in the stairwell, which is the half-way house for heat and cold and it works quite well sensing the temperature. It's also manually adjustable to set higher or lower temperatures.

    1. In this ancient farmhouse nothing is in any logical place....I am sure you are right but it could take months to track it down!