Thursday, 18 June 2015

Second childhood?

Now for something completely different!

Last week I turned the heating off. When it turned colder this week I turned it back on again but apart from heating the water it didn't come on!

After my trials and tribulations last year getting the system working again this bothered me....and I mentioned it to a visitor who said cheerfully. "It's probably too warm...have you not got a room thermometer?

Well no. We have two barometers in the house but no thermometer. So I googled them, sent for one and it arrived promptly the following day!

It needed to be charged . It's an electronic thermometer about five inches high which doubles as a night light!

After I charged it I took it upstairs with me where it glowed various colours through the night. Whe it's cold it glows blue! This changes to green, then orange to bright pink.

Every time I looked at it last night it made me laugh! It's so far from any other thermometer I've ever seen that its ridiculous . But it makes me laugh! I don't know's clearly designed more for a child than an adult but that's OK . I always knew I was a big girls blouse...but now It looks as if I'm also descending into second childhood.... be it



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