Friday, 5 June 2015

Show me the Way.

Waking very early on a beautiful morning there is time to reflect.
Tomorrow I christen a baby , a privilege and a joy. I warned the parents earlier in the week that I might be wearing an eye patch but in fact the bruising is much better this morning....So....

Lord, show me the way.
My ancient  self is wearing out.
My love for you is not.
Lord show me the this my seventy eighth year I live alone.
I have been several different people
Before coming home to Cornwall, the church and David
Now , a cancer removed from my face
I am ready once more.
Is there work to do?
Are there problems to solve, people to meet, friends to love ?
I have promises to keep so show me Lord
Vows made before I was born live on In me
The goodness, the love, the joy are all around me still
So Lord, show me the way before I slip my moorings here

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