Sunday, 14 June 2015

Thanks to all.

The roller coaster that was yesterday has thankfully given way to peaceful existence! I slept well! Let the summer begin!
Meeting the consultant yesterday meant that I was able to ask him some questions....Saturday was clearly less pressured. He was able to answer questions I needed answers to......
Yes the carsinoma was malignant. No it was not the start of melanoma.
I asked about sitting in the sun....and he replied in a positive way.....we are all much more aware now of the dangers of sun burn but if I take normal precautions, like a good sun block cream and a big hat at mid day when the sun is at its most dangerous then I can go on enjoying the warmth of sun on my face!
This relieved my mind considerably.
I am left with a strip of sticky tape over where the stitches had parted a little... I may have a small scar for a little while but nothing my age I am not quibbling about a tiny any case I can wear my scar with pride...I am now pleased that I've got through it all on my own!
Except I wasn't on my own of course...the help, the good will, the love I've received over the last weeks has been amazing...
As I don't have to go to have my stitches out tomorrow, they were removed yesterday...the trip to the hospital has been cancelled. The kind friend who was taking me has proposed an alternative...a cream tea at a new trendy place looking out over a green valley to the turquoise sea. Sounds much better than what we had planned.
The small strip of plaster will I am told fall off in a few days...after which I can face the world again with equanimity. Thanks to everyone who has jollied me along my way!

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  1. [*] in praise for the healing and the peace of mind that this has brought.