Friday, 17 July 2015

D Day!

I cannot pretend I am not nervous, anxious even. Last time I went away I stayed with a routine already established with David. This time is different in every way...a new shipping line, an old company that I used last time I was a widow but that fact only serves to emphasise the difference. I spent yesterday sorting out the kitchen, watering the flowers, sorting out who did what in my absence.

My bag is packed. The fridge empty!

I have double, triple checked some cases more like a dozen all I have to do now is sleep. The alarm is set on the iPad and the of them should get me moving in the middle of the night...

The vehicle that is picking me up is my main concern...they have changed my address. Originally the name of my house showed as St Mawes! I can imagine a poor driver searching around the whole town...

I was told that of course they have my post code....I didn't have the heart to tell them that it takes them down the wrong lane.....

Sleep...perchance to dream! Ha!

Almost four

Dear diary. Oh hell I really am up. It's the middle of the night and I've turned into a latter day Mrs Dale...

My bags are standing in the porch...we are ready...bring it on world....


  1. Relax. Enjoy. Watch your blood-pressure.
    You've done everything possible (several times), to make it all work.
    Now it's up to someone else.
    Have a wonderful time Jean. Places to go things to see X

    1. Easier said than done! I had to go out and look for the car who had got lost! I am now wedged between two very large people. Oh dear!

  2. Full of admiration for your ability and skill in posting under these circumstances.