Monday, 20 July 2015

Day two.

I think I posted yesterday....I think this might go the by the same route! There are three places on this ship to get a connection. And they are by no means reliable!

I am waiting for a lecture to start on Reykjavik. Tomorrow we arrive in Torshaven. These are places so far away from anything I have ever seen before that I am actually getting quite excited..

The sun is shining....people are sitting on deck in luxurious chairs....I am seeking shade.

The number of singles here is amazing....where ever I go there is always someone to talk to and I recognise people all the time which is I suppose one of the advantages of being on a much smaller ship than I'm used to! In fact finding a quiet place to blog has been difficult today....someone always turns up to natter!

The hazard of the cocktail party is still with us though....on a Cunard ship we got invited to all sorts of parties and this seems to be a tradition here as well! I had one last night and another tonight...hey ho.

The predatory males are here in great numbers as are the equally determined women. I am trying not to join either group....

Last night I went to a show which was only palatable accompanied by a double scotch....I may not go again....too much loud singing jars......

I am settling in nicely ...learning where not to go as well as the things I enjoy...

My learning curve is flattening out!

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