Sunday, 5 July 2015

Greek democracy

I don't know what is going to happen now that the Greeks have voted a resounding No . I am totally ignorant for which I apologise... But I am disturbed and anxious about the future for us all.

I am a spectator like most of us but some things are banging at my consciousness.

The role of Germany in all of this is a bit looks wrong for a country which was helped out of huge financial difficulty after the last war to be taking such a hard line at this point....but maybe that's just because I still remember rationing and all the hardship we all suffered here during that time.

The euphoria I felt at the setting up of first the common market and then the European Parliament has been dispersed. Surely if one of us is in such trouble the rest of us are committed to come to their aid!

Instead threats have been issued. And this looks bad from financially secure countries.

I am ashamed of just how ignorant I am in all this...but this I do know.....I applaud the video I recently watched shows one man starting to dance in a square in Athens. Slowly passers by stopped and then joined in...a whole street danced, slowly in the traditional way of Greek line dancing finally ending with the traditional plate breaking...

I hope this proves a metaphor that this wonderful cradle of democracy can evolve, can be helped to regain their pride in themselves. I hope Europe can help too but if not then Greece standing alone can survive in some form....but I pray for them all....for the people and for their leaders...God help,them all in the weeks and years to come!

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