Wednesday, 29 July 2015


We have another day in a fjord . This means no possibility of an Internet connection. So be it. Looking out of the window reveals glory all around and not being able to get the news from home is no bad thing!

Bergen was lovely...a cosmopolitan city with lots of shops! This one is back to nature.

Last night after a good dinner we had a comedian who I'd never heard of..but who made us all roar with laughter....

Out on deck afterwards I saw the lights along the shore of small towns settled into crevasses in the hillsides...great fissures made by volcanic eruption whilst the earth was still young.

I am I believe now back to normal...I have become the woman I always was before loss shaped me into something quite different....

There is only one problem left to deal with. The people I avoid are those who speak in clauses....A statement is made and then an explanation offered. The explanation may well lead to another clause and then another. I met someone yesterday whose speech meandered the high lanes and by lanes of "normal" like a machine gun rattle.

The beauty of this ship is that I now know and like most people I meet daily but I have learned to avoid those who talk in clauses whilst trying not to fall into the same mode!

I may not always succeed!


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