Monday, 13 July 2015

Nuisance emails!

Another day and another scam!

Yesterday I got mail from a good friend. She asked me to click on a link which I did. It took me to a web site extolling the virtues of a slimming pill. I wondered briefly why she'd sent it me after I had already lost weight when the emails started coming.

Dozens of emails just kept coming. They were all notifications from the Postmaster telling me my emails had failed to be delivered. I put them all in the trash bin but they just kept coming. I asked for help on Twitter and got a lot of suggestions in between more and more rejection mail. Nothing I did helped so I googled it.... It was an old problem going back several years...the main object seemed to be to cause as much nuisance as possible!

I tried to change my password. The needed email failed to I was stuck. I went to Apple support and found a number to the past this has always been helpful but I clearly rang the wrong number and got an iyogi. The man was very helpful..asked about my computer...seemed to be able to see what was going on from a distance and promised to help. During the conversation the emails just kept coming!

Alarm bells started to ring when he said there would be a small charge for his help as I had run out of my guarantee. I told him I was just trying to change my password...Several times I said it. He pressed on with his own agenda. I finally said goodbye...I still don't know if he was genuine or not but he wasn't helping!

I went onto David's small laptop...and finally got the needed email from Apple to change my password. Once done it all stopped. No more returned E mails!

After that relief I spoke to my friend who had been away for the weekend and told her she had a virus and how to stop it.

Then I sent emails out to everyone on my email list to tell them not to click on anything at all for the moment.

All night after that odd emails kept arriving from friends...all inviting me to click on the link...

I don't know why this particular bug was invented....presumably no one made money out of it unless you bought the slimming pills advertised!

I assume the main motive was to cause havoc! It worked here yesterday!

So the golden rule still holds good. Click on nothing even if it's from a friend...

Sad world we seem to be living in!


  1. Glad you were able to overcome. But it only takes one click and mayhem ensues.

    I never click a link in an email, unless I am expecting it. Otherwise spam bin it goes.

    1. The problem here was that it was from someone I know and could have been something I needed to see.....however another lesson learned!