Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Stavanger bound

Tomorrow Thursday is our last port visit. We are going to Stavanger . I am amazed by just how beautiful the fjords are...the pics do not do them full justice...there is still snow on the tops of the hills but it has been pleasant and warm. It will be a different story in winter I'm sure.

I have made friends here, developed a routine not unlike that I started with David....everyone is friendly and have interesting stories to tell but it's the willingness to share that makes it special. As for the great debate about which cruise liner is best I am always going to prefer Cunard for stupid soppy reasons but Fred is coming a close second...

Norway and Iceland have been life affirming....they are both countries which have hydro electric power to make the machinery of statehood work for them...the thermal geysers of Iceland piping hot water into every home is is the considerable beauty of both places.

Until now I have always thought that I lived in the most beautiful place in the world. Now I'm not absolutely certain!

I chose this cruise because it was coming to places I wanted to see.....but I may do another one next year when the Fred boat sets off in Falmouth!


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