Friday, 24 July 2015

Swimming in blue milk.

The trip to the blue lagoon was......interesting. The sun shone and the temperature was in the was glorious. Which meant that a lot of people turned up at this amazing place.

Our coach driver talked us through the various customs as well as the God given gift of thermal Springs. The entire town of Reyjavic is heated by hot water pumped from the geysers and the ground.

The lagoon itself was amazing. It was like moving through blue milk....and I swam....moving around the small islands in the lava the temperature changed from warm to hot to very hot! A few quick kicks got me to a cooler place!

Sitting on the polished lava was lovely but then I worried in case I couldn't get back out.

The changing rooms were full by the time I returned....naked women of every shape, age and colour splashed cooler water over themselves! No one seemed at all worried by this so I just joined's amazing what you can do in good company!

Many of the people I talked to had skin problems....I was not alone! It remains to be seen if it has prevented any further carcinomas but many of us were there with hope!

Once out and dressed I had a drink...non alcoholic and looked for people from the ship to find our coach with!

It's amazing how many of their names I remember. It's like being in a slightly eccentric village which moves every day to somewhere new and weird!

And I am hungry! For the last three years my appetite has been non existent. Here I am eating my three meals a day with alacrity. The Danish food is very tasty with lots of fish and lamb!

This morning we are moored in a fiord. I can almost touch the snow on the hillside. I am tired so this morning I rest before setting out to see the local flora and fauna.

The great cliffs all around us are preventing any internet connection. So this is tomorrow's blog!



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